Diversity Atlas is the first tool in the world to analyse organisational settings from a diverse perspective and individual point of view.

Information that is collected can be de-identified, meaning the collective information can be anonymised.

Step 1: Registration

We gather data in these fields:

Some fields are optional.
  • Country of birth
  • Languages
  • Worldview
  • Self-identification
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Disability

Step 2: Analysis

This information is then displayed in a dashboard, highlighting the collective results.


About Cultural Infusion

Cultural Infusion is Australia’s leading cultural enterprise, founded in 2003 to promote intercultural harmony throughout Australia and worldwide. In 2018 we became the first official partner of UNESCO - Australian National Commission.

We believe the ability for individuals and groups to move between and respect cultures other than their native one is important for personal, community and business development in an increasingly globalised world. Through fun, interactive and educational experiences and products, we equip people with skills to communicate effectively across cultures. Cultural Infusion partners with government and business, corporations, community groups, schools and NGOs to deliver high-quality programs rich in diversity.

Harnessing the power of art, education and technology through our suite of cultural events, workshops, training courses, digital tools, consulting services and school incursions, we also deliver programs in Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Tanzania, Pakistan, UK and the US, and to more than 350,000 students annually in Australia.

Our work has won 15 international awards, including the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and BMW World Group's Intercultural Innovation Award, and we've recently been selected to represent Australia for the UN World Summit Awards for this product, Diversity Atlas.